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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…about my own childhood and how I would head off for hours with my friends to play around the neighbourhood – the only instruction being to be home in time for dinner.  As much as possible I want a similar experience for my own kids.  I want them to learn about risks, decisions & consequences now – not when they’re 16 and trying to decide if they should get in a car with a friend who’s been drinking.  I struggle with letting go (does any Mother not?), but I know how important it is to let go of my anxieties and let them climb that really high tree, learn to cross the road on their own and to have the freedom to be outside exploring rather than inside watching tv.

A little while ago we went on holiday with friends who feel the same way us, and it was really lovely to watch the kids spend hours making their own fishing rods out of sticks and flax, and head off alone to the estuary to ‘fish’ and explore and get completely covered in mud.  I think they came home from that holiday just a little bit more grown up.

Sidenote – I can get a little lazy with personal photography…picking up my iphone far more often than my DSLR!  But this holiday I let my passion for taking photos consume me and completely indulged my urges.  So thanks to our lovely friends putting up with me snapping away like a crazy lady…boy do I love it!

Enjoy x



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