Telling your story through

film & photography.

If you’re anything like me you take 20 quick pictures of the exact same scene because a) kids move fast and b) kids move fast!!

You might think anyone can take 20 pictures and have one look ok, but I think the real trick is in the selection. So often we go for the ‘everyone smiling and looking nicely at the camera’ shot, but when you think about it that can be kind of boring! When you already have 500 pictures of your little cherub’s smiling face how about trying something a little different?

Try embracing the imperfections – who cares if they have hair all over their face, or they look a little cross eyed?  Life is messy, life is crazy and sometimes it just plain sucks!  So why not have your pictures reflect this too?

The important thing to think about when you’re flicking through those 20 near identical shots is what story do you want to tell?


Maybe it’s that one time at Halloween we were confined to our house with a super infectious virus!

Halloween sad
Or maybe you want to remember the fashion sense…of your husband! Yup, outfit by Dad.


Newborns are tiring…

Yawning Kim

Iceblocks are cold…


And café’s are boring…

Sylvie cafe

Yes Lila’s hair is all in her face – but the second I spotted the expressions on the faces of those guys on the left, I knew I had my shot.

Girls orange wall

I took about 10 photos of my husband pulling out my daughter’s wobbly tooth but this is the one I want to remember!

Mila tooth pull

And there were loads of photos of Sylvie smiling sweetly but I never want to forget how she loves to see herself pulling funny faces in the camera screen!

Sylvie & Mama

So next time you’re looking through those multiple photos trying to decide which one to keep…embrace imperfections and go for the unexpected!!


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