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I can see it now…my kids all grown up, looking through their baby photos laughing and reminiscing until one of them says ‘where were YOU Mum?!’


We’re missing from so many of our kids memories.


I know you want to wait till you’ve lost a bit of weight, maybe got some new clothes, or for the love of god just had one unbroken night of sleep!!


I get it.


The thing is – you can’t keep waiting for that magical moment where you feel like a million bucks…because it’s probably not going to happen.


You need to take the plunge and make it happen now. Yourself.


And if you feel uncomfortable about how you look in photos consider this.  You are beautiful just as you are. I mean hello amazing lady…you’re raising children! This is no mean feat. You are cooking, creating, cleaning, cuddling…day in day out.  This, THIS is what makes you beautiful. The love for your children shines out of you and lights up your face.


And when your babies grow up and look back at their photos they aren’t going to say “woah Mum you look haggard!”. They’re going to remember how you laughed, how you smelt and how you hugged them tight when they needed you most.


You are enough. Let yourself be seen.


And if you’re on Instagram let’s all use the hashtag #getmuminthepicture so we can inspire and encourage each other. Make sure you tag me @love._the._little._things so I can see too!


So…read on for some common excuses and some genius workarounds!






But I need to lose some weight first…

– Take the photo from a high angle – hold the camera up in the air and tilt it down towards you. It’s a much more slimming angle.

– Do the turtle neck…pull your shoulders back and jut your chin down and out like a turtle. Even just a little bit. Feels weird, looks good! Play around with it and see the difference it makes to a double chin.

– Stand or crouch behind your child. Use them as a shield in front of your body if you’re feeling self conscious. Hugging them from behind or draping your arms around them will help this feel more natural. Whatever is closest to the camera will look larger, so pop yourself behind your child.

– When sitting down if you’re conscious about your stomach just cross your arms loosely over your stomach. Not like you’re hugging yourself but just cross them over at the wrists. Lean forward toward the camera.

– Take lots off different photos and choose the best one! Keep readjusting and see what works best. Soon you’ll get to know what suits you the most.


But I look really tired/old/haggard…

– One word my friend…filters. If you’re on your phone try downloading the VSCO or Afterlight apps (I find them much more subtle than the Instagram filters) and find one that lightens, brightens and smoothes your skin out. B&W works miracles!

– Don’t get too close. If you’re really feeling the effects of a few nights of broken sleep don’t let that stop you getting in the picture – just take it from a bit further away so you can’t see so much detail in your face.


But I have no one to take photos of me with the kids…

– Best investment I ever made was a $15 smartphone tripod from my local camera shop. I don’t use it every day but the moments where I really want to have a shot of me and my kids together I whip it out of my handbag and set it up. You can use a self timer but I have a Bluetooth remote on my key-ring that makes this so easy!

– Just ask. I know it feels a little embarrassing to say to your partner – can you get ME in the photo as well? We have this stilly idea that we must be vain to want photos of ourselves. Just keep reminding yourself you’re creating precious memories that your kids and grandkids will love to see one day!


But I feel stupid taking photos of myself…

– Start at home and not out in public. I’m not gonna lie…I haven’t yet whipped out my tripod and remote and set up a photo shoot of myself and my kids in a busy public place yet. But I do it at home quite a lot! Then maybe you can graduate to doing it somewhere quiet outdoors.

– Another way to make it less painful is to look and smile at your child. Maybe tickle them or laugh with them. Feels more natural than both of you saying cheese at the camera!




A word of caution – you don’t want to get too carried away with these tips, I always pick a natural shot with real emotion over a super posed one any day, even if it makes my nose look big and my chin double up – but if these tips mean the difference between getting in photos or not at all then by all means go for it!


Remember – A photo of yourself is one second in time of a living moving object. You are so much more than one angle frozen in time. If you see a bad photo of yourself remember the angle makes all the difference – a bad angle makes a bad photo! It’s not how you really look to others when you’re moving and laughing and talking. So just remind yourself of that next time you see an unflattering picture!


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