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It got me right in the heart…looking out the window at my husband and the kids hanging the washing out together, I was suddenly overcome with emotion.

And it took me a minute to figure out why.

I realised it’s the little things in life that give me all my joy, happiness and love. Those in between moments that would otherwise pass by unnoticed. When I started really noticing them and soaking up all the good feelings my life really changed.

Soaking up the spring sunshine in the garden with my baby.

Sylvie yellow flower

Holding hands walking to school with my daughter.

Holding hands

Checking on our growing plants.



When I’m distracted, busy and rushing from one thing to the next these moments could easily have been lost in the chaos of life.

But because I’m – ahem – a little obsessed with taking photos…I started to document them, and that’s when I realised…

What you focus on is what you feel.

By loving the little things in my life I’m actively creating a happier life. Now I’m so tuned in to noticing these moments I don’t even need to look too hard. They’re everywhere, and a good reminder to me to stop, take a deep breath…slow down, and enjoy feeling the love in that small moment.

I know people get up in arms about social media depicting the ‘perfect life’ where kids are always laughing, hugging, never having tantrums and definitely never beating up their sister. But I think in today’s world you’d have to be pretty naïve to look at someone’s instagram feed and think that’s their whole life.

By focusing on these moments I’m not only amplifying all the good feelings in my life, I’m leaving a trail of memories for my kids to have when I’m gone.

I hope they’ll see how much fun we had dancing in the kitchen, walking to school and hanging out the washing. I hope they’ll realise these things are more important than getting an ipad for xmas or having perfectly styled birthday parties.

But most of all…I hope they’ll remember how so very loved they were.

So watching the four most important people in the world to me hanging out the washing I suddenly got it. Love is in the little things.

My business name was born!

And then I quickly grabbed my phone and raced down to take a photo…because…you know, obsessed.

Now it’s your turn – keep an eye out for a little moment today that makes you feel happy. Stop, take a deep breath and really feel all the feelings. Then quickly snap a photo before it’s gone!!

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Have a great day! x



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